Faced with his wife’s desire to become a mother, filmmaker Stephane Goldsand goes on a quest to find out how people decide to have kids and identify the sources of his own hesitation. What emerges is an intimate story, peppered with humor and poignancy, where memories and present moments converge in an effort to redefine a couple’s future. Leap Before You Look is a first-person documentary short that combines various storytelling styles, including vérité, interviews, narration, animations and family archival material.

The Filmmaker
Stephane Goldsand (Director, Producer, Editor, Camera) was raised in a dual French-Mexican environment in Mexico City and has been a New Yorker for over a decade. He graduated from The New School’s Documentary Media Studies program and holds an MBA degree from Columbia University and a BA in International Relations from the Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM). Stephane currently approaches documentary filmmaking as a self-exploration through life’s spirals. Leap Before You Look is his first film.

Director’s Statement
Initially, this was meant to be a film about procrastination (I even considered a tentative tag line for it: “Coming Soon”). It was an intriguing subject but perhaps too broad and complex to be explored in-depth on a documentary. But why, I asked myself, was I interested in this topic in the first place? What specifically was I delaying in my life? The answer rapidly became clear: I had been indefinitely postponing fatherhood. Cristina, my wife, was ready and eager to become a mother, while I was paralyzed just by the thought of having kids. So I went on a quest to find out how people decide to become parents. Maybe, I hoped, I would be enlightened by their experiences. After all, having (or not having) children could be considered one of the most important events in a person’s life, along with being born and passing away. Leap Before You Look came into being when I realized that I also needed to look at my own life and delve into the roots of my indecisiveness. This film reveals a man’s efforts to shake hands with his inner demons. It also brings to light a couple’s struggle to find common ground and understanding when faced with seemingly opposite aspirations. Perhaps Leap Before You Look can serve as an inspiration to others, as they reflect on their decision – past or future – to become parents. Ultimately, my higher hope is that the film encourages us to gain a greater and more empathic understanding of ourselves, and of the people around us.


Title: English : Leap Before You Look
French : Plonge Les Yeux Fermés
Spanish : Lánzate Sin Mirar
Year of Production : 2010
Duration : 21:51 min
Country of Production : USA, Mexico
Genre : Documentary short, first-person
Shooting Format : HDV 720p and Super 8, Color, NTSC
Sound format : Stereo (L R)
Ratio : 16:09
Language : English, French (subtitled)
Exhibition Format : HDCAM, DigiBeta, HDV, Beta SP, Mini-DV, DVCPro, DVCAM, DVD, QuickTime

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