Interview of director and film clip.

I ‘n’ The Palace Magazine
Interview of director, pp. 42-45.


Tucson Filmmaker Magazine
“This beautifully and creatively filmed documentary short follows the journey of Stephane (pronounced Stefan) Goldsand through his fears of being a father. Goldsand uses B-roll or cutaways, to dramatically and often hilariously exemplify what he is feeling at that moment. Highly recommended.”

The Film Yap
“This highly personal documentary from director Stephane Goldsand tackles his reluctance to become a father — a brave and illuminating self-portrait.” [more]

“This first documentary by NYC based filmmaker Stephane Goldsand, represents what could be called … ‘Where the rubber meets the road’… regarding contemporary
Utilising alluring multi-media techniques Mr. Goldsand has committed to telling a story, an intimate personal story, which very few men would dare. Throughout this 22 minute sojourn the viewer is invited into Goldsand’s inner sanctum, as well as his family of origin, in order to explore his ambivalence (dread may be more accurate) at the prospect of becoming a father. ” [more]

Press Kit

Leap Before You Look – Press Kit [pdf]

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