Ethan Basch
Francisco Casal
Andres Casal
Luca Coloso
Matteo Coloso
Giulia Coloso
A. Dolber
Shannon Ferguson
Henry Ferguson
E. Goldsand
Stephane Goldsand
Noel Gonzalez
Patrick M. Houser
Clare Konviser
Stephen S. Little Page
E. Lipkes
Christian Moen
Gabriella Moen
Srikumar Rao
Cristina Ross
Flora Tauber
Fred Terna
Manon True
Lucho and Pepinot


Writer, Director, Editor and Producer
Stephane Goldsand

Jon Vatne
and Stephane Goldsand

Whittney Suggs

Additional Photography
Alain Lipkes [Super 8]
Babette Wielenga
Jeremy Scott Cohan

Additional Sound
Carolina Zúñiga
Sarah Hoida
M. Emily MacKenzie
Nicole Sterling

Re-recording Mixing
Michael Kurihara
Sound One

Very Special Thanks
Deirdre Boyle
Steve Ciabattoni
David Gutiérrez Camps
Amir Husak
Deanna Kamiel
Maurice Schell
Les Petits Chapelais – Dominique Simonneaux
12 Chairs Cafe

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